What I’m doing this summer – Jaclyn Ross

Jaclyn Ross

Jaclyn Ross

I am so honored and ecstatic to be developing my research in the Dietrich Honors Fellowship program. I am very excited to see my project come to life this summer. Thus far, it has only been an idea that I formulated based on my past experience within the Relationships Lab as well as my examination of the past literature regarding romantic conflict and power dynamics. I am looking forward to viewing the conflict interactions and systematically coding the couple member’s behaviors. I am thrilled that I will soon be able to see people’s tendencies and behaviors during these conflict discussions.

Throughout this summer, I plan to run my experiment using roughly 50 couples in order to complete the data collection phase of my research project. I am also planning to use this summer to code the videotaped conflict discussions. Finally, I will be completing the simple data entry for the systematic coding of conflict behaviors. If I am able to run all 50 couples in a reasonable amount of time, I will also begin my statistical analyses of the data. I will be using the facilities and technological resources of the CMU Relationships Lab in order to run the experiment and perform the subsequent coding.

Despite my enthusiasm, I do have a few anxieties as well. I am nervous that some participants may not take the conflict discussion seriously, and therefore, not participate fully, which would compromise my data. I am contemplating adjusting the protocol of the experiment in order to emphasize the significance of fully participating in the conflict discussion. I am also a bit anxious about performing the statistical analyses of my data, assuming there is time this summer to begin doing so. I definitely need to refine my skills while working with SPSS. However, I think performing the statistical analyses for my research will provide me with a wonderful opportunity for growth. Working so intensely with SPSS will make me a stronger and more skillful researcher.

I am so excited to take on a very hands-on, managerial role this summer. During my past experiences at CMU, I have completed tasks I was assigned without a very deep knowledge of the research. For instance, in the Relationships Lab, coders can only know certain details about the research in order to remain unbiased while coding. During my research project, I will be completely knowledgeable and informed throughout the whole process, which will allow me to have a greater appreciation for the procedure and results. It will be very exciting to have a research project that is entirely my own. I am so excited to be the expert on my research, who can direct and lead others in helping me carry out my research goals. This will be the most hands-on research experience I have ever had, and I could not be more excited. Finally, it will be an invaluable experience to see a research project through from start to finish. I am so excited to be involved the data collection phase all the way to the results analyses phase.

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