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Kaytie Nielson

Kaytie Nielson

I’ve finally purchased my plane tickets, so it’s official: my mentor, Dr. Mame-Fatou Niang, and I will be filming our documentary in France this coming July. Our documentary will focus on the stories of young black women from the disenfranchised suburbs of Paris.

Dr. Niang is currently in the process of publishing a book on French writers of immigrant descent, and is well-versed in the developing field of Black French studies. Before we begin filming, she will guide me through preliminary research on our topic. After filming, the rest of the summer will be used to edit and produce the first version of this documentary.

During the school year, I will be working to produce a second version of the documentary. I’ll spend the fall semester diving into research on the documentary form, studying artistic methodology and technique. In the spring, I will re-approach the footage I collected in the summer to create a more experimental iteration of our documentary. By March 2016, I aim to have produced two films that express one important story in two very different ways.

Kaytie Nielson

Filming at the beach

But for now, I have other projects to finish so I can focus on the next one. Of my current film projects, the most demanding is the documentary I recently shot in India. This documentary follows the stories of three women living in different parts of India, and relies on imagery to relate their complex and contrasting experiences. My partners and I have been editing the footage all semester, and we plan to release the film this summer. Here’s a link to the trailer.

Well, it’s back to work I go. Thanks for reading!

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