On Guidance


“I am so happy to have a mentor.” This was the thought that came to the forefront of my mind, as I sat, meeting with my advisor, Jane Bernstein. It was a warm afternoon, and with light pouring in through her office window, the whole world just felt right.

While my very free summer months allowed me to grow as a creative in so many ways, it is immeasurably comfortable to be able to sink into deep discussion with someone who is much more experienced in the ways of writing. To have a mentor who is familiar with your past work, understanding of your current work, and enthusiastic about your future, is something that has re-ignited my own passion for this project.


And, the beauty of mentorship, is that it doesn’t just help in academics. This week one of my yoga teachers cued the class into a headstand in a way that I had never tried before. The whole sensation was thrilling and somewhat daunting at first, but with her careful and clear instruction, I was able to dabble with an inversion.

In work and life, it is so necessary to have that someone (or many someones) who can give you advice and ease you into a newer, stronger place. Whether we are still in school or working full time, we can always be students, learning from those around us who inspire us with their own ways of being.

I’m ecstatic to have Jane on my team as I continue to grow my thesis this semester. As of right now, I will continue to produce work, keeping in mind certain aspects of my writing that are especially effective, and letting go of those tactics that tend to weigh down my writing and distance my readers.


One of the first comments Jane gave me was to “be in my body” while I tell these little life slices. I honestly could not think of a more perfect comment to receive. After all, this whole summer, I feel that I have been working to be more present, to feel each moment, and to savor every breath.

So, now it’s time to flex that muscle and let that life experience wash more readily into the vignettes I am writing. It’s such a joy and a pleasure to be able to bring my professional and personal lives together in this way. I’m so excited to see the quality of my work improve as the time passes. I’m just excited, I think, for this entire year.

This Week’s Inspiration:

For the Eyes: Have you been noticing the way the sun looks a little more golden, a little more autumnal? I love seeing beautiful transitions that take place this time of year.

For the Ears: My yoga teacher played her harmonium in class today and it actually made my day. If you’ve never heard of this instrument before (I hadn’t either!), you should definitely check it out.

For the Soul: “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” ~Paulo Coelho

Til next time, friends.