Found Footage

Recently, I’ve been working through some TV / Media coverage of Vulvodynia for my documentary. There’s a lot of work around utilizing found imagery in your work, like working out copyright agreements and finding out how to merge different aesthetics. Currently, I have watched and taken notes on MTV True Life, specifically the episode about painful sex. They focus Vulvodynia around sex instead of a lifestyle chronic pain condition, which increases the stigma against the condition. I’m interested in taking this found footage and critiquing it as part of a larger systemic problem that prevents many individuals with Vulvodynia from seeking medical help.

The other work I’m interested in watching includes Sex and the City where Carrie, a main character, has Vulvodynia and then takes antidepressants for her “depressed vagina,” which pokes fun at the condition. Another show, Private Practice, cures Vulvodynia overnight, which is also unrealistic. Last, I plan to watch the Dr. Oz episode on this condition and integrate facets of that into the documentary. Hopefully soon I will have a comprehensive collection of found footage to pull from and integrate into my systemic critique of how the media and television portray vulvar pain.