Halfway through the summer, but not halfway done

I’ve hit the 4 week mark. Somehow in 4 weeks I’ve managed to almost completely change my project outline. It feels surreal how much my project has evolved in the preliminary stage. Now, this change is not that drastic; I can still keep the title. I haven’t changed what my project is about, but rather how I am going about it.

Originally, I was going to mainly focus on the evolution of sustainability in nonprofits and see how their technical communications has enhanced their sustainability. I would talk about a large group of nonprofits, not going into too much depth.

Now, I am going to profile about three nonprofits (maybe only two if I don’t have enough time). I will case study these nonprofits in-depth to understand their technical communication skills. This involves studying their websites, rhetoric, figuring out their target audiences, looking at their financial reports, and social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Their will now be an introductory like chapter (longer than most introductions, but not larger than the nonprofits section) on the evolution of sustainability and sustainable development. This will include a working definition, excerpts from the nonprofits being researched, as well as cultural aspects of sustainable development.

The outline of my project has evolved into the following: A preface of my time abroad, an introduction to sustainability/ sustainable development, aspects of technical communications, nonprofit case studies, and concluding remarks.

Even though I have much work ahead of me I am excited with how much research the fellowship has allowed me to accomplish.

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