Technical Communications meets Public Health: A Tale of Two Disciplines

(This post was originally written on July 3.)

Well I’m halfway through my first week! I’ve been reading tons of papers on Sustainability in the field of Public Health, Technical Communications, and how the two connect. So far I’ve been trying to set up a working definition of Sustainability and Technical Communications to make it easy for a general audience to understand. I have been fortunate to have found great research papers that have answered this question for me and then some. I plan to continue to look for more research papers to build upon the definitions and criteria of what I have.

I’ve realized the connection between the two are stronger than I originally thought. Website development and grant writing are very important parts of nonprofit organizations that communicate their work to others and how they communicate this information can be the difference between having funding and continuing their foundation or not. I will continue to look into this large network of communications and figure out a way technical writers can enhance the reach of nonprofits to make their cause sustainable.

I also will be incorporating a small narrative portion into my book. I have been abroad many times working in public health and I think others will be able to understand the importance of sustainability in under-served countries if they knew more about the people and way of life in these areas. I hope the addition of the narrative will make the book more lively and give a personal touch to something that seems so technical.

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