Wrapping Up

August is already one week in, and I’m finishing up my documentary work for the summer. I have been editing a teaser-trailer video and gathering as much feedback as possible most recently, while continuing to film. Some stills from this are above. I also have a lot of new footage from healthcare providers that focus on a feminist model of care, emphasizing patients’ decisions over their own bodies. I have selected a protagonist, Lena, to follow as a main thread in the film throughout weaving between interviews and treatment shots. Lena is very engaging during interviews and is willing to show all facets of the condition on film.

Looking forward, I will be traveling to Chicago to interview a patient about her Vulvodynia, which began after an episode of obstetric violence during her child’s birth. I also will continue to refine the teaser video while beginning to put together larger edits. As I move into the fall, I am excited to keep filming Lena and find new individuals to speak with.

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