Hello from South Korea!

I am currently sitting in a nice hotel writing this blog post, jet lagged but amazingly excited. There hasn’t been a lot of progress on my thesis project since my last post, but this is the post that I have been most excited about all summer. After 24 hours of traveling and 19 total hours sitting on a plane, I am in Seoul, South Korea, and enjoying the exploration time before the semester starts.

Regarding my thesis project, I finished and submitted the IRB form a few days before I left. I also put the finishing touches on the games, namely collecting the objects for the Objects on a Table game, with some plastic vehicles and wooden animals. All the games made it safely to Korea with me, and I have been told that my project has gotten approved by the department in the school I contacted to do the study. Now I am focusing on working out my course schedule for the semester so that I will have time to go to the school and spend time playing the games with children. Basically, I am nearly ready to start running the study with children, and I soon will be sitting in cafes drinking tea and typing parts of the thesis paper.

Between working out the details of the semester, I have visited quite a few places in just the past two days. We went on a palace and garden tour and visited a traditional village as well as several more trendy neighborhoods for shopping and eating. I tried on traditional clothing (which I have been wanting to do since I first saw them), and even though I almost melted in the humidity, it was worth the pictures I managed to take. There are many more adventures to come, and as much as I want to focus on them instead of school, the impending workload for the semester makes me that much more grateful that this fellowship prepared me so well for my thesis project. It’s been a great and productive summer leading up to an amazing semester.

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