Hello, Pittsburgh!

I am excited to immerse myself in the city this summer, and to meet and experience the Pittsburgh that lies outside the Carnegie Mellon campus-bubble. Invested in storytelling as a medium that can connect audiences of different backgrounds to distinct realities, I am passionate about cultural exchange and the arts and am eager to combine my interests as I undertake my summer research.

My research seeks to explore how the combination of artistic expression and translation can diminish social and linguistic barriers to promote cultural inclusion, interaction, and exchange. As part of my research, I am currently learning about cultural theory, translation methods, and artistic practices across the performing, visual, and literary arts.

My research findings will be used to develop “Project -LOGUE,” a platform in which Pittsburgh-based storytellers who speak languages other than English will work with artists and translators to develop art showcasing their cultural narratives. These artworks will be developed through a series of workshops (Fall semester), and will be showcased at a multilingual exhibition (Spring semester).

So far, I have met so many incredible people, organizations and communities along with my collaborator Abigail Salmon. As Pittsburgh is home to more than 40 different languages, I look forward to continuing to meet more amazing people along the way.