Inspiration Finds You – Working.

paloma-blog-2“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” – Pablo Picasso

My progress in the past weeks can be described by this quote.

I can say I’ve been researching here and there – “here” meaning the time I spend actively reviewing articles from scholarly journals, anthologies, and books; and “there,” the time I spend taking breaks to eat, de-stress, and breathe. In this sense, not only am I learning about controversial views on cultural appropriation as applied to artistic practice, but also am constantly inspired by visuals or conversations I encounter on my daily life:

“How do certain privileges that we might have access to determine which issues we pursue, and how does this pursuit make the needs of those with no such access invisible?”
– Schulman, B. “Feminists, Political Correctness, and ‘Free’ Speech.”

“A culture is only as great as its dreams and its dreams are dreampt by Artists.”
– A tent at Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Arts Festival

“I liked to think of my work as ‘giving voice to the voiceless’”
– Someone, at a research fellowship activity

“My (works) are about questions. They are not about answers.”
– Duane Michals

“the obvious solution is no solution at all”
– Potter Jr., Parker B. “Appropriating the Visitor by Addressing the Second Person.”

I am aware that these quotes may seem out of context as I share them, and that context is VERY important, too.

I look forward to provide more context to these quotes in the following months. As for now, I’ll devote myself to read and to grab more ideas “here” and “there.”

Let’s keep inspiration coming.