The Prologue

She sits at her desk, leg shaking courtesy of the empty Starbucks cup that rests next to her laptop. Her pencil scrapes against paper, crossing out the “great” thought she had at 2:00 a.m. that day. The cursor on the Word document in front of her blinks expectantly, but she cannot find the words to give it.

This is me. A creative writing major with minors in animation and special effects as well as film and media studies. I have been writing stories since I learned how to craft a sentence, and enjoy seeing what I can come up with. My project is the development of a YA novel in the dystopian, fantasy genre. In particular, I aim to explore the depiction of sibling relationships, as such works frequently feature the same heteromantic dynamics.

Having the time to work on my novel is simultaneously amazing and terrifying. I’m finally doing what I set out to do since before even coming to Carnegie Mellon, and yet I’m so scared. What if my ideas aren’t good enough? What if I’m wasting my time and should’ve tried to get a “practical” internship like some have suggested to me? What if my goal of writing this book and becoming an author is nothing more than a fantasy?

I don’t actually have answers to those questions. But this opportunity allows me to pursue my passion and create something I believe in. And I look forward to seeing where it takes me.