Sign, Sealed, Approved!

I’ve received IRB approval to run my study! I’ve prepped my questions and my survey should be ready to launch sometime next week. I can’t wait to start collecting data. I’ve been working on my lit review, and while it’s extremely important to understand what’s currently happening in this field and to build off of what others have contributed, I must say that I’m most excited to contribute something of my own.

The process of obtaining IRB approval involves submitting your study design and methods to be reviewed by one of CMU’s Research Compliance Analysts in the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance. Once submitted, the study protocol (the detailed report of your purposes and methods for collecting and protecting data) goes through a pre-review stage, a formal review stage, as well as a post-review stage where clarifications may be requested at any point. Once the review is complete (and all clarifications and modifications have been made), the primary investigator receives a letter granting approval of the study protocol and may begin conducting the study.

This is where I’m at right now. I’m ready to kick it into a higher gear and start gathering data.