Chapter Two: Prague

So this week I started attending a writing program in Prague. Scheduled throughout the three or so weeks we’re all here for are readings, workshops, and conferences with published writers like Patricia Hampl and Stu Dybek.

            It is both similar and different to the workshops I have taken at CMU. On the one hand, the structure of discussing the author’s work and critiquing it is the same, and the readings and conferences generally have the same structure as those held at CMU. It’s those kinds of familiarity that help to ground me while I’m here. On the other hand, the people in the workshop are from all different places, are different ages, and write in different genres. That’s not to say that CMU is very different from that, but it is like being thrown back into freshman year workshops when I did not know any other writers in the class, and I was just hoping that they might like some aspect of my work.

            It’s opened my eyes up a bit more to just how big the world of writing is, and how many opportunities there actually are for writers. It’s difficult to be sure, to build a career in the industry, but not at all impossible. And meeting fellow aspiring (and some already published) authors that are working towards the same future as me helps put a lot of the work I’ve done into perspective. It also confirmed to me that you’re never really done learning, as many of the people in this program have been working on their pieces for years, and others have published works before, but need fresh eyes to view their latest drafts. I’m very excited to work further with the people here, and to explore this incredible city with them.