Summer Writing

Recently I’ve been focusing a lot on writing down my experiences that relate to my project — so I’ve been writing about racism that I experienced during my school career (for the most part) — because those experiences are the ones that I remember most vividly.

I have a tendency to ramble when I write, at times, and I feel like I’m doing a lot of rambling when I write these experiences down — I guess it’s better than not having anything to write, however, because then I can condense my rambles into short stories that will make sense (once I start drafting my essay/thesis). I think I also ramble more when I write about memories that I remember more vividly or experiences that I remember the most parts about.

There are also memories that I don’t remember that well, as well — or just remember in pieces — and these I write by looking at this document that my friends and I submitted to our school administration in middle school, when we were experiencing a lot of racism from the same students. It helps because we wrote down things about the racist incident that we experienced (at most one or two sentences) and helps me remember the essence about what happened — but it doesn’t help me remember all the details and such, making it a little bit harder to write in general or write a perfectly accurate account.