Not Quite the Final Chapter

It’s the end of summer, and so far I’ve gotten a pretty good portion of my novel written. My plans going into the academic year are to finish up the first draft, and then move on to editing. Luckily, some pages have already been workshopped through the program I went to in Prague.

            The time in Prague also helped for inspiration. We went to the Bone Church in Kutná Hora, which is a church where people who died from the Black Death and the Hussite Wars were buried in an unconventional way. Their bones were used to decorate the chapel, as shown in the pictures below.

            The plot of my book deals with family and religious themes, so visiting this was very helpful in terms of inspiration. I got to share a little bit about this experience in my update-presentation, and was excited to receive questions about it; the sources of inspiration and general plot questions. I always get nervous telling people about my work, but it’s really helpful and encouraging when people show genuine interest in it and ask questions about it. I also enjoyed hearing even more about the progress with the other fellows’ projects, and hope to continue keeping in touch with them throughout the year.

This summer has been helpful in a lot of ways with giving me time to write and the opportunity to workshop my pages, and I’m excited to continue writing and editing into the school year.