The End of Summer

Time is passing by quickly and the end of this summer vacation is not far away. I came back home several days ago and I finally got to see my parents and my friends who I haven’t met for about six months. I also got opportunities to visit some newly open restaurants and experience different kinds of delicious food. However, it’s extremely hot in the city I live in — it’s even difficult to walk outside for a while.

Facing the end of summer, maybe it’s time to look back what I have done during this summer vacation. With the help of my advisor and the honors fellowship program, I have finished the literature review about support-seeking and support-provision in close relationships. I have refined my hypotheses, project design and theoretical rationale and more importantly, I have completed some goods drafts for the introduction part and methods part of my honors thesis. During the summer, I also participated in the Speak up! course hosted by the university research office, and I learned from many professionals about how I can effectively introduce my research project to the audience and let the audience understand the significance of my research.  

I will try my best to enjoy the rest summer. When the school starts again, I will resume my project and give you more updates. See you later!