executive order

I’m running out of time!

kyannaAs Monday rolled around it really hit me that summer is almost over. Naturally I started to freak out because there is so much work that I still want to do. There are some gaps in my research that I need to fill and I want to start writing my thesis. I just hope that I can accomplish all of this by the end of the summer.

Now you may be wondering why I am so worried about this when I still have two semesters left to complete my thesis. Well, at the beginning of this summer Geoff and I had set out a preliminary timeline for my project. Summer would be reserved for the more historical part of my thesis. I would gather as much data as I could about the presidency and the courts to understand how their powers have evolved over time. Since my last blog post, I have focused on different tools that the president can use to exert his will. Of the several different instruments that he can use, I mainly focused on executive orders since the second part of my project will center on the Muslim Travel Ban. This line of research led to the discovery of Executive Order 589 concerning the travel of Japanese and Korean labors. Even though I only have a limited understanding of this order so far, I feel as though it will become a crucial part of my project.

For the upcoming week, I will try to focus most of my attention into preparing for my presentation at the end of this month. Geoff and I have already developed an outline for the presentation that should help me create a draft for my talk. Now I need to go back over my notes, which may be the hardest part of the process since there is just so much information that I could talk about. Additionally, I will need to practice before the actual presentation. I am not the biggest fan of public speaking and tend to become very nervous whenever I have to do it. By having a few practice sessions, hopefully I will feel less anxious during the actual presentation.

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